Union Artillery Projectiles

Enjoying a superior technological capability in iron, casting capabilities, powder making and more, the Union armaments industry produced a consistently higher grade of artillery ammunition than the Confederacy, with far deadlier capabilities.

Right: Robert Parrott's powerful breech-banded rifle appears here in two 100-pounder models in Fort Putnam, near Charleston. Stacks of massive shells stand ready to be hurled at Confederate lines.

100 Pounder Parrott Shell
Parrott Shell Sabot

1 Brass-ringed 8lb (3.6kg) Parrott shell

2 Brass-ringed 25lb (11 3kg) Parrott shell

3 A 9.2lb (4,2kg) Parrott case shot

4 A 24lb (10.9kg) Schenkl shell with papier-mach6 sabot

5 A 161b (7.3kg) Schenkl shell with papier-mach6 sabot A 7.81b (3.5kg) Schenkl shell with papier-mach6 sabot A 191b (8.6kg) lead-banded Hotchkiss Lead-sabot 231b (10.4kg) Dyer Lead-coated 13.21b (6.0kg) Sawyer shell

Hotchkiss Common Shell

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