Union Field Artillery Projectiles

As with small arms, there were great technological advances in artillery. Smoothbore pieces were becoming obsolete as rifling increasingly became the norm which greatly increased both range and accuracy. Similarly, improvements in the time and percussion fuses resulted in a more devastating terminal effect.

It is worth sparing a thought for the artillerymen working the big batteries who had to spend their war carrying 1001b (45kg) shot to their guns, although in field artillery the projectiles weighed a more reasonable 201b (9.1kg) and most commonly 6lb (2.7kg) or 121b (5.2kg), but then the firing rate was much higher.

1 20lb (9.1kg) Parrott shell

2 3-inch (7.62mm) Absterdam solid bolt projectile

3 101b (4.5kg) Parrott shell

4 3-inch (7.62mm) Hotchkiss canister shot.

5 121b (5.4kg) solid cannon-ball

6 201b (9.1kg) Schenkl shell

7 101b (4.5kg) Schenkl shell

8 61b (2.7kg) solid cannon ball

9 3-inch (7.62mm) Hotchkiss solid bolt projectile

Hotchkiss Canister
Arnlxis couttesy o< The OvW Wat Libiaiy and Museum. Phdadelphia.
Schenkl Canon Ball

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