Union Handguns

1 Uhlinger pocket revolver in .32in rimfire

2 Army revolver by the Starr Arms Company of New York

3 Remington-Beals Army revolver

4 Remington-Beals Navy revolver

5 Remington New Model Navy revolver

6 Manhattan Pocket Model revolver

7 Plant Third Model revolver

8 Smith and Wesson No. 1 Second Issue revolver

9 Colt Model 1862 Police revolver

The U.S. Army had continuing access to the gunsmiths and the mass-production resources of the North, and used a wide variety of handguns. Most of these were government-issue, of which the various models by Colt and Remington were most prevalent. There were also many private purchases by officers seeking both to assert their individuality and also to ensure their personal survival. Some of the manufacturers whose products are seen here would continue in business down to the present day, including Colt, Remington, and Smith & Wesson, while others disappeared at the end of the Civil War, including companies such as Manhattan, Plant, Starr, and Uhlinger. The two Remington-Beals revolvers are of particular interest. Eliphalet Remington, a blacksmith, set up his gunmaking business in the 1850s and among his early products was a series of revolvers made to the design of a man named F. Beals, hence the name. Thus, these are among the very earliest products of this world-famous company.

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