Union Infantry Officers Uniforms and Equipment

1 Officer's slouch hat

2 and 3 Officer's slouch hat, insignia of 24th Michigan Infantry

Spain Officer Caps

Regulations concerning officers' uniforms allowed considerable latitude and therefore articles of uniform, accoutrements and accessories depended as much on the individual officer's taste and financial resources as on military requirements. Further differences arose because, while Regular Army officers were issued with many regulation articles of uniform and equipment, the volunteer officer was left to his own resources. There were, however, several regulations that were observed with some consistency by everyone, one of them being that the insignia for the infantry was the curled horn, and the I branch color was blue.

In this spread the known owners I

were: First Lt. John A. Beall, 94th I

Clarence C. Buell, 169th New York I

Infantry (19); Capt. Charles Burton I

Col. Charles P. Herring, 118th I

Pennsylvania Infantry (8, 11, 18, 25, I

27); Lt. Col. Thomas Scott Martin (7); I Major E. C. Pierce (9).

1 Officer's slouch hat

2 and 3 Officer's slouch hat, insignia of 24th Michigan Infantry

4 Captain's insignia

5 Officer's cotton shirt

6 Housewife (sewing kit)

7 Forage cap

8 Forage cap

9 Forage cap

10 Smoking Pipe

11 Insignia for lieutenant-colonel

12 Forage cap

13 Slouch hat

14 Model 1850 foot officer's sword; leather-covered scabbard

15 Frock coat

16 Vest

17 Telescope

18 Short jacket

19 Frock coat; note colonel's insignia

20 Sword belt

21 Leather haversack

22 Trousers, worn with item 15

23 Brass spurs

24 Private purchase shoes-

25 Sash

26 Model 1850 foot officer's sword; plain metal scabbard

27 Trousers, worn with item 18

28 Buff gauntlets

29 Brass stencil

30 Officer's sash

Union Army Trousers

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