Union Longarms and Accouterments

Probably the three most widely used arms of the war were the U.S. Army's Springfield Model 1842 musket (4) and Model 1861 rifle-musket (10), and the British Enfield Pattern 1853 (13) which was imported from England in large numbers. Despite the availability of these relatively modern weapons, such antiques as the Model 1816 (1) were still in use.

11 Cap box

12 Socket bayonet and scabbard for item 10

13 British Enfield Pattern 1853 muzzle-loading rifle-musket

14 Tompion, plug for top of barrel for item 13

15 Socket-type bayonet, scabbard, and frog for use with item 13

16 Gun tools for use with rifle-muskets

17 Justice muzzle-loading rifle-musket

18 Ramrod for item 17

19 Non-commissioned officer's waist belt

20 Militia uniform waist belt with plate

21 .58 caliber paper cartridges

U.S. Model 1816 smoothbore musket alteration with bayonet in place

Scabbard for bayonet item 1

Cap box and waist belt

U.S. Model 1842 smoothbore musket

Socket bayonet for item 4

Cap box, waist belt, and bayonet scabbard

U.S. Model 1855 muzzle-loading rifle-musket

Socket bayonet for item 7 Rifle-musket cartridge box with shoulder belt

U.S. Model 1861 muzzle-loading rifle-musket

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