Union Officers Corps Badges Medallions and Insignia

As in all armies, the Federal Army saw a multitude of badges and insignia, some of which were officially sponsored, some of which were unofficial but tolerated, and some of which were definitely unofficial. Shown here is a variety of such badges, ranging from corps and divisonal insignia to personal items and unofficial medals. The Gold medal (22) was presented to General Meade and bears the inscription: "Presented July 4th 1866 to Maj. Gen. George G. Meade by the Union League of Philadelphia as a token of the gratitude of this country."

On the same occasion a silver medal was presented to other dignitaries present (21) bearing the inscription: "The Victor of Gettysburg, The Deliverer of Our State, The Faithful Soldier of Our Country."

1 Sanitary Commission Fair, 1864, medal of Col. C. P. Herring

2 1st Division, 6th Corps badge of Brevet Major James W. Latta

3 Identification badge of Lt. J. A. Rothermel

4 Gillmore Medal of Honor

5 Identification badge of Col. P. J. Yorke

6 1st Division, 6th Corps badge

7 Identification pin

8 20th Corps badge of Lt. Samuel Goodman

Artifacts coiinesy ot The Ctvtl War Library and Museum. Philadelphia. Pa

Sanitary Commision Pins

9 Identification badge of Col. C. P. Herring

10 1st Division 5th Corps pin of Capt. N. Bayne

11 1st Division, 4th Corps badge

12 2nd Division, 3rd Corps badge

13 Colonel Yorke's 5th Corps badge

14 Sheridan's Cavalry Corps badge of Major John Cassals

15 3rd Division, 9th Corps badge of Lt. William Goodrich

16 5th Corps badge of Brevet Brig. Gen. C. P. Herring

17 Devin's 1st Division, Sheridan's Cavalry Medallion

18 Badge of Lt. Daniel Layton

19 Pin of Co. A. 132nd Pennsylvania Infantry, 3rd Division, 3rd Corps

20 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 5th Corps watch fob of General C.P. Herring

21 Silver Meade Medal

22 Gold Meade Medal

Camp Meade Pin

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Marine Corps Officer Insignia

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