Union Officers Handguns

This photograph re-emphasizes the wide variety of handguns in use, with Colt again predominating, but with many other less-well-known companies also represented. The revolver belonging to Col. Julius W. Adams (10) is of particular interest since the owner has recorded his personal "battle honors" on the butt. Visible here are Yorktown, Williamsburgh, Fair Oaks, Seven Days, South Mountain, and Antietam, and there are more on the other side. The pristine condition of the encased Colt Model 1849 Pocket revolver (4) and its accessories bespeaks an owner who was careful and neat in his habits. The Pettengill (5) and Perrin (16) revolvers are unusual in that they lack combs.

1 and 2 Pair of Colt Model 1851 .36 caliber Navy revolvers, silvered with ivory grips. The butts of each are engraved: "Presented to Maj. Gen. John M. Schofield, Comd. Dept. of the MO by his Friends in St. Louis, Augt. 1863."

3 Butterfield Percussion .41 cal Army revolver engraved: 'Presented to Adjt. Charles C. Knight 119th Regt. P.V. by H.G. Leisenring, August 1862."

4 Colt Model 1849 .44 caliber Pocket revolver, property of Captain J.N. Derby

5 Pettengill Army revolver

6 Joslyn .44 caliber Army revolver

7 Starr Model 1858 .36 caliber Navy revolver

8 Allen and Wheelock .44 caliber Lipfire Army revolver

9 Colt Model 1860 .44 caliber Army

Navy Lipfire Revolver
Wrfacrs courtesy of Wie Ciw< War 1 ibrary and Museum ttirtdefe/Ni. Pi 14 West Port Museum. West Poml. N Y J. 2.46.913 15. Dawl Stewart Collection 3
Remington Navy BlueprintsRevolver Adams 1851

revolver, property of Ma|. Gen. George B. McClellan

10 Whitney Navy .36 caliber revolver, property of Col. Julius W. Adams

11 Colt Model 1851 36 caliber Navy revolver, property of Capt. James Starr, commanding Co..E, 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry

12 Savage-North .36 caliber Navy revolver

13 Starr Model 1863 .44 caliber Army revolver

14 Remington-Beals .44 caliber Army revolver

15 Colt Model 1848 Army .44 caliber revolver, 1 st Model

16 Perrin and Company .45 caliber revolver

Remington Cal Pistol

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