Heavy Artillery

Tony Bryan

Philip Katcher * Illustrated by Tony Bryan

First published >n Great Britain in 2001 by Osprey Publishing, Elms Court, Chapel Way, Botley, Oxford 0X2 9LP. United Kingdom. Email: [email protected]

┬ę 2001 Osprey Publishing Ltd.

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ISBN 1 84176 219 9

Edrtor. Rebecca Gullen Design: Melissa Orrom Swan Index by Alan Rutter

Origination by Magnet Harlequin, Oxbridge, UK Printed in China through World Print Ltd,

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TITLE PAGE A 32-pounder seacoast gun at Fort Slemmer, Arlington Heights, Virginia, part of the defenses of Washington. The man in front of the carriage wears a gunner's pouch in which he carries friction primers to fire the gun, and holds a lanyard tight, apparently ready to fire. (Library of Congress)

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