Vann Woodward

Over twenty years in the making, The Oxford History of the United States has been conceived under the general editorship of one of the leading American historians of our time, C. Vann Woodward, to represent and summarize the scholarship of this generation. This magnificent series will consist of ten chronological volumes, each of which will encompass the social, political, economic, cultural, diplomatic, and military history of a particular period in a readable and coherent narrative framework. In addition, a volume will be devoted exclusively to the history of American diplomacy. As with the celebrated Oxford History of England, each work has been commissioned from a leading scholar in his period or field, and each will stand as the basic one-volume history of its kind.

Jacket design by Honi Werner Jacket illustration-. Battle of Williamsburg, General Hancock's Charge, May 5. 1862 (lithograph). The Bettmann Archive.

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