Mine Creek Flags

inches on the hoist by 73I inches on the fly. Moreover, the rectangular battle flags were edged with a pink border on all four sides, with a narrow white bunting border on the hoist through which nine holes were provided for flies to attach the flag to the staff".

Regiments of the Army of Tennessee's Reserve Corps, commanded by Gen. John C. Breckinridge, carried the First National Flag.

In December 1863 Gen. Joseph Johnston assumed command of the Army of Tennessee and issued orders to replace the hodge-podge of battle flags with a single army-wide model. The selected pattern was that of the Army of Northern Virginia, but the new regulation colours were to be rectangular, lacking a border, some three feet on the hoist by four and a quarter feet on the fly for infantry and cavalry, and two and a half on the hoist by three and a third on the fly for artillery batteries. These new-battle flags were issued throughout March and April. They became known as the 'Army of Tennessee battle flag' or the 'Johnston battle flag'. Most 'Confederate flags' flown today are of this pattern.

The officers and men of Maj. Gen. Patrick Cleburne's Division of Hardee's Corps strongly objected to losing their prized battle flags. Their feelings were heeded; and Cleburne's Division, to the end, continued to carry their unique battle flags while most of the rest carried the Army of Tennessee pattern. After the war Hardee wrote: 'This was the only division in the Confederate service to carry in action other than the national colors: and friends and foes soon learned to watch the course of the blue flag that marked where Cleburne was in battle.'

A hero of the Army of Northern Virginia, Lt. Gen. John Hood, was given command of one of the

This Army of Tennessee or 'Johnston' buttle flag was curried by the jçth North Carolina State Troops. The unit designation and battle honours have been applied with white cotton letters and numbers. The black capture number '456' is stamped in the upper field. (North Carolina Museum of History)

Hardee Corps Flags


Cleburne Battle Flag

Table C: Army of Tennessee, Hardee's Corps Flags

The following representative variations of I Iardee's Corps flags are known. The differences in the ways the unit designation and

battle honours have

been applied give some idea of the latitude granted unit commanders to alter even regulation corps flags

within the Army of Tennessee. If the honours were on the border.

they w ere in dark blue; if on the field, they were white.

18th Ala Inf

18th ALA. in disc, otherwise plain

4th Ky Inf

4th Ky in disc; SHILOH.

8th Ark Inf

8th ARKS in disc; PERRYVILLE

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