Philip Katcher Rick Scollins

Firs! published in Great Britain in by Osprey Publishing, Kims Court, Chapel Way, Hotley, (Marti ()\2 91.P, L until kingdom I mail nsprcy'iiosprev uk

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The Marketing Manager. Osprey Publishing, PO Box 140. Wellingborough, Northants, WS 4/ \. I nited Kingdom

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Author's acknowledgements: Thanks arc due for assistance during the preparation of this book to John M.Bighami, South Carolina Relic-Room and Museum; Victor Borgeson, I iouston Public I .ibrary; Thomas W. Fugate, Kentucky I listorical Society; Jessica Hack; Allen I l.Hoilman, North C arolina Museum of History; Gordon L.Jones, Atlanta I listorical Society; I loward Michael Madaus, Milwaukee Public Museum; Mike Miner; Dr. B. D. Patterson, the Harold B. Simpson Confederate Research Center; Lee A. Wallace, Jr.; and Kevin R. Young.

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