6th Texas

Infantry regiment

34 x 69

10th Texas

Cavalry regiment

36!x 77*

20th Texas

Infantry regiment


21 st Tennessee

Infantry company


22nd/35th Arkansas

Infantry regiment


25th Virginia

Infantry regiment

49 x 103

Washington Rifles

Infantry company

42 x 66

Winder Cavalry

Cavalry company

27? x 46*

Tennessee Infantry Regiment even painted its unit designation in dark blue on the field over battle honours for Roekeastle, Cumberland Gap, Tazewell, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, and Missionary Ridge. Its colour measured 33^ inches by 67 inches, and did have overlaps on the ends of the St. Andrew's cross. The 8th Virginia Cavalry Regiment embroidered its unit designation in white on the field, along with a battle honour for White Sulphur Springs in the same material.

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