Civil War Blackade Runners

Ship Ventilation

13 Forward cargo hold (note: this would be completely filled while running the blockade)

14 Ventilation duct for crew's quarters (one of four)

15 Engine room ventilation duct (one of four)

16 Paddlewheel bridge

17 Supernumerary's cabin

18 Galley

19 Crew's quarters

20 Ship's boat (one of four carried)

21 Master's cabin and pilot's cabin

22 Company flag ("Colonel Lamb" on pennon)

23 British Red ensign

24 Gaff-rigged spar

25 Mainmast

26 After cargo hold

27 Dry provisions store

28 Water tanks (one of two)

29 Rudder

30 Coal bunker (one of two)

31 Paddlewheel

1 Bow, shaped to minimize her bow wave

2 Anchor

3 Cable locker

4 Boatswain's stores

5 Sail locker

6 Forward cargo hatch

7 North Carolina State Flag

8 Lookout cross-trees

9 Gaff-rigged spar (for propulsion under sail, and also used as a crane jib)

10 Foremast

11 Ship's cutter (one of two carried on board)

12 Main cargo hatch

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