Photographs following page 56

1 Colonel Tihomir Blaskic with Gen. Mehmed Alagic

2 General Milivoj Petkovic and Col. Tihomir Blaskic

3 Colonel Tihomir Blaskic with Cols. Filip Filipovic and Franjo Nakic.

4 Dario Kordic and Mario Cerkez.

5 Dusko Grubesic

6 Darko Kraljevic

7 Pasko Ljubicic

8 General Sefer Halilovic

9 Colonel Dzemal Merdan

10 General Mehmed Alagic, Gen. Enver Hadzihasonovic, and Col. Amir Kubura

11 The Hotel Vitez, wartime headquarters of the HVO OZCB

12 The Vitez recreation center, wartime headquarters of the

Viteska Brigade

13 Mosque in Ahmici used as a Muslim defensive strong point

14 A UN officer and vehicle in Nadioci

15 Remains of the HVO truck bomb exploded in Stari Vitez

16 The village of Gacice after an HVO clearing operation in 1993

17 United Nations soldiers protecting the Roman Catholic church in Guca Gora

18 View of Vitez with smoke rising from Stari Vitez in the distance

19 Intersection of the main Lasva Valley road

20 Two HVO soldiers approach a hastily constructed barricade

21 A friend joins HVO soldiers celebrating a victory


2-1 Organization of the Croatian Defense Council (HVO) 26

2-2 HVO Third Operative Zone (Central Bosnia) 28

2-3 HVO Brigade Structure, April-May, 1993 31

2-4 ABiH Corps Headquarters and Commanders 36

2-5 ABiH III Corps Organization 37

2-6 Typical ABiH Mountain Brigade Organization 38

3-1 Organization of the HVO 4th Military Police Battalion 47


4-1 Comparison of HVO and ABiH Heavy Weapons Holdings 63

10-1 Status of Units in HVO Operative Zone Central Bosnia as of August 11, 1993 149


1 Central Bosnia 15

2 The Vitez Area 90

3 The Busovaca Area 102

4 The Kiseljak Area 112

5 The Travnik-Novi Travnik Area 129

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