Source: HQ, OZCB, no. 01-8-209/93, Vitez, 3:45 p.m., August 1 1,1993, subj: Delivery of Report Following Order, 2, KC Z1163.

subsequently carried out. Among other changes, Mehmed Alagic replaced Enver Hadzihasanovic as the III Corps commander and Refik Lendo became the VI Corps commander.40 At the same time, Arif Pasalic, the IV Corps commander, was replaced by Selmo Cikotic. These personnel changes marked the ascendancy of the "hard-core" Bosnian Muslim faction, represented by Hadzihasanovic and Alagic, over the ABiH's more moderate "multiethnic" leaders, and did not bode well for the Bosnian Croats surrounded by ABiH forces in central Bosnia.41

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