Civil Wars. Browne was really more of an entrepreneur than a craftsman but he certainly experimented with guns and was awarded a prize of £200 for helping to make iron guns less weighty for the navy. I Iowever, how he did this has been lost to us. There were several members of the Browne family who cast guns in bronze and iron. A second family worth mentioning was the Pitt dynasty that was based in Houndsditch in London. Henry Pitt worked within the Tower of London and the two younger Pitts, son and nephew (both called Richard), were certainly casting during the Civil War. When King Charles moved to Oxford, one of the first things he did was to attempt to create a gun f oundry at Frewin Hall so that he would not be reliant upon foreign imports. If we add to this the many foreign gunfounders and merchants supplying equipment to the King and Parliament we can see that there would have been a great deal of variation in the armament of both sides during this conflict.

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