Confederate Officers Of The Medical Corps

David Bullock



DAVID BULLOCK holds a PhD in European Military History and has been an officer in the U.S. Air Force, Currently, he writes official histories as a military historian for the Department of Defense and is an adjunct Associate Professor at Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs.

PROFESSOR ROBERT O'NEILL, AO D.PHIL. (Oxon), Hon D. Litt. (ANU), FASSA, Fr Hist S, is the Series Editor of the Essential Histories. His wealth of knowledge and expertise shapes the series content and provides up-to-the-minute research and theory. Horn in 1936 an Australian citizen, he served in the Australian army (1955-68) and has held a number of eminent positions in history circles, including the Chichele Professorship of the History of War at All Souls College, University of Oxford, 1987-2001, and the Chairmanship of the Hoard of the Imperial War Museum and the Council of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, London. He is the author of many books including works on the German Army and the Nazi party, and the Korean and Vietnam wars. Now based in Australia following his retirement from Oxford, he was the Chairman of the Council of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, from 1999 to 2005.

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The Russian Civil War I 9 I 8-22

Confederate Medical Corps

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