The Russian Civil War 19 I 822

David Bullock

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Introduction 7 Chronology 9

Background to war

The October Revolution 14

Warring sides

An Empire Divided 21


1918 29

The fighting

1919 55

Portrait of a soldier

The Black Guards 85

The world around war

Allied intervention 90

Portrait of a civilian

Women in the Russian Civi! War 107

How the war ended

1920-22 I 14

Conclusion and consequences

A Century Redrawn I 33

Index 142

Chinese People Russian Civil War

The former Russian Empire in the national flag colours of red, blue and white. Overhead, the state crown is surrounded by a wreath of thorns symbolizing suffering and sacrifice.The imperial eagle has been replaced by a black eagle with sword and extended talons that spreads the red cloak of communism over the land. (Chose™ émigré journal, 1933)

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