Billinghurst Requa Battery Gun 0 58 calibre 25 barrels

Built late in 1861 by the Billinghurst Company of Rochester, New York, this gun had 25 barrels mounted flat on a light metal platform on a two-wheel carriage. The sliding breech was operated by a lever and the barrels were loaded by light steel cartridges with an ignition hole in the oval base held in special clips for quick loading. When the gun was loaded, a channel behind the cartridges was filled with powder, which was ignited by a percussion cap struck by a hammer firing all barrels simultaneously. The barrels could be movea laierauy Tor spreaa . raper caririoges were not inserted in me sieei cases, but each case was loaded by hand with loose powder, and a patched ball was used in the belief that it gave greater accuracy. With a crew of three, seven volleys per minute could be fired. The exposure of the powder to rain and stray sparks was, however, a distinct disadvantage. Effective range was in excess of 1,000 yards.

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American Civil War Cavalry

By Michael Blake

A concise and detailed guide to the cavalry troops of both sides, covering organisation, uniforms, equipment and insignia; with nine colour plates and many other illustrations.

Billinghurst Requa Battery Gun

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