Again the remarks under the supply of sabres and revolvers applies equally well to the carbines used by the Confederate troopers.

The British Enfield single-shot muzzle-loading -577 calibre was widely used by both sides at the beginning of the war, and Confederates preferred it because of its accuracy and rugged reliability. The -58 calibre Minie ball and cartridge could be used. It followed the 'Tower' rifle musket pattern, and was some 40 inches long with two barrel bands and usually a strap sling.

Confederate manufactured guns included the Richmond carbine (contemporary reports say this was very unreliable and unpopular); J. P. Murrey muzzle-loading carbine; Cooke and Brother carbine (well liked, but muzzle loading and therefore slow); a Richmond copy of the Sharps breech loader (some were good, others very unreliable). A small number of Morse single-shot cartridge breech-loading carbines were produced. The metal cartridges could only be fired one at a time, but the carbine had a Winchester style trigger guard which was, in fact, immovable, and presumably served for show only I

BELOW: Different types of cartridge and priming used in revolvers and carbines: (A) Pinfire cartridge; (B) Burnside cartridge; (C) Sharps paper cartridge; (D) Sharps linen cartridge; (£) Percussion caps; (F) Maynard tape primer.

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