Confederate Enlisted Men and IMon Commissioned Officers Horse Furniture

Again much of what has been said about the Federal equipment applies to that of the Confederate Cavalry also, particularly as much was captured from the Union forces early in the war. Many militia units had good equipment, but the volunteers often had civilian saddles and equipment, at least until their first clash with Union forces. Cavalry saddles came last on the Confederacys list of priorities for leather, after cartridge boxes and artillery harnesses.

Jennifer tree-type saddles were adopted, especially as J. E. B. Stuart favoured this type, along with the older Grimsley. Unfortunately both types rode down on the horse's backbone and withers if the condition of the horse was poor, causing sores. The McClellan was eventually copied by Confederate manufacturers, and many imported saddles were also used. Heavy cast brass stirrups were used rather than wooden ones.

A large number of U.S. Dragoon Model 1842 and 1850 bits were used, these having been issued to the militia units before the war, as well as imported ones.

Usually Confederate equipment was much simpler than that of the North, rope being used for leather, halters discarded, saddle bags replaced by canvas bags or haversacks, even small plain sacks. Blankets varied, anything available being used. Bosses and rosettes were more likely to be plain brass, but CS and CSA stamped types were used.

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