Confederate Flags

The Regulations called for one flag to be carried, but as with the Infantry the Regulations were largely ignored. The Battle Flag was around 30 inches square for cavalry, but also appeared in guidon form about the same size as the Federal guidon. The various National colours as described for the Infantry were also carried, together with all their possible variations. One guidon based on the Stars and Bars (Plate 7) had seven white four-pointed stars in a blue canton and red over white over red bars.

The Texan State Flag was carried in normal rectangular and guidon form. Many other flags were also carried by cavalry units, including the variations tried before a final National Flag design was accepted. Before the design shown in Infantry was adopted, South Carolina had a more complex design similar to the Battle Flag. This had a red field with dark blue St George's Cross with white stars, three in each vertical arm, four in each horizontal arm, with a

UNION INSIGNIA (not to common scale)

Flags The Confederacy Cavalry

A: Rush's Lancers

(6th Pennsylvania Cavalry) Carbine Belt Plate

This plate is very rare, and has the appearance of being rather crudely hand-stamped. The crossed lances refer, of course, to the Regiment's origins when it was armed with lances. B: Company Officer's Hat Badge Embroidered on black velvet, the edge and sabres were gold, the regimental number and company letter silver. The whole badge was a little smaller than the enlisted man's brass device. C: Regimental Officer's Hat Badge Details as for Company Officer's badge, but without the company letter. D: Enlisted Man's Hat Badge Stamped from sheet brass, all three emblems were sewn to the hat or forage cap using wire loops soldered to the backs. The company letter was 1-inch high, the regimental number f inch, and the crossed sabres 3J inches wide by 2 inches high. The Regulations only called for all these on the brimmed hat; on the kepi only the regimental number was prescribed but more often than not all three were worn.

large white cross in the centre. In the top left canton a crescent moon and palmetto tree in white. Some Arkansas units carried Battle Flags with a plain white cross on a blue field.

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