Mcclellan Us Horse Cavalry Bridles And Other Leather Accoutrements Saddles

Officers used the McClellan saddle, but often non-regulation outfits were used. Flat or English saddles were often used, as were Grimsley and Jennifers or artillery-type saddles, General U. S. Grant favouring this type.

Over the saddle officers were supposed to wear the shabraque, dark blue, with a 1-inch gold edging lace as for mounted Infantry Officers. Under-housings, ie, the straps, were also blue.

Grimsley Saddle

Officers also had a black leather valise bag, 16 inches long and 5-6 inches in diameter, worn like a blanket roll. Generals often had a more elaborate type, and also had saddle holsters.

Officers usually had double reins, with one pair to a snaffle or bridoon bit, the other to a curb bit. The rosettes on the bridle were sometimes of the eagle type, and Generals had stars.

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