The most widely used revolvers were the three already fully described in the Infantry book, the Colt Army -44 M1860, Remington Army -44 New Model and Starr Army -44. These were top of the purchases made by the Federal Government between 1861 and 1866. Next in numbers were the Remington •36 calibre M1861 ; Colt -36 M1851 ; Savage -36; Whitney -36; Rogers and Spencer -44; Colt -36 M1861 and Pettingell -44.

All of these revolvers were similar in performance and essential characteristics to the descriptions of the other three.

The revolver was carried in a holster of heavy black leather with a wide rounded flap, secured by a strap stitched under the flap which buttoned on to a brass stud on the holster. The holster was worn on the right, facing forward.

OVERLEAF: Union revolvers: (A) ■36 calibre Savage; (B) -36 calibre Whitney; (C) ■44 calibre Rogers and Spencer; (D) -40 calibre Deane and Adams; (£) -44 calibre


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