Union Badges

The Corps Badges described in the Infantry volume were not worn by the cavalry but two units had special badges of their own, worn on the hat or kepi.

Sheridan's Cavalry Corps had a white (probably silver for officers) sunburst with squared ends to the rays and a dark blue oval centre with crossed sabres in yellow or gold. Wilson's Cavalry Corps had a gold carbine with a red swallow-tailed guidon hanging points down from a tasselled gold cord; on the guidon gold crossed sabres (see illustration on the front cover).


This is the pennon and lance carried by the Trooper in Plate 2. The pennon, supposedly made by the ladies of Philadelphia for the regiment, was of deep crimson bunting, swallow-tailed and tapered along its length. The pennon was 11 inches wide on the hoist (ie, against the staff), inches from points to hoist and 12J inches from swallow cut to hoist. Three edges were bound with \-inch scarlet piping like that used as trim on artillery jackets. The fourth, hoist edge had a narrow piece of scarlet doth with three buttonholes, which the single scarlet cord tied the pennon to the lance. The lance itself consisted of a steel point Si inches long which was attached to a brass ferrule, 4 inches long, ending in a knurled brass ring; the wooden shaft and a tapered brass counter-poise 5f inches long. The latter was held on by a single counter-sunk screw, and was stamped 'U.S.' The point was fixed to the shaft by two \-inch wide brass straps, one 9i inches long and the other 371 inches long. These had three and nine brass screws respectively. The ferrule was stamped 'U.S.' and 'U.S.P.'

A and B: Sharps 'Coffee Mill' Carbine M1859

This unusual weapon had a 'Coffee Mill' mechanism replacing the brass patch box. View A shows the detachable crank handle, and the hole (arrowed) into which the coffee beans were poured. View B shows the other side of the butt, the ground coffee coming out of the slot in the round central plate. It was proposed that one of these guns be issued to each company, but few in fact saw service.

8738 Union Cavalry Uniform Cowgirl Arrowed

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