Vandenberg Volleygun Various calibres 85 to 451 barrels

General O. Vendenberg designed a new system of 'artillery' using up to 451 barrel clusters firing musket balls in unison, but his idea met with only limited success.

A screw-type breech held cartridges in individual chambers and slid into a key-way. Copper sleeves were forced into a counter-bored chamber for a gas-tight seal when the breech was screwed into the rear of the barrels. A centre charge fired by a percussion cap set off a whole volley; or sections of barrels could be blocked off and fired separately. In tests, a 191-barrel model put 90 per cent in a 6-foot square at 100 yards. Recoil was very strong, and this and its considerable weight made the weapon of limited use. A carriage like that of the normal artillery piece was used

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