Appomattox Campaign, r-g April: Longstreet's Corps, Gordon's Corps, Hill's Corps, Anderson's Corps, Cavalry Corps, G.W. C. Lee's Div.


jackson's command

Whiting's Division. Hood's Brigade: 18th Ga., 1st Tex., 4th Tex., 5th Tex. Law's Brigade: 4th Ala., 2nd Miss., nth Miss., 6th N.C. Artillery: Staunton Arty., Rowan Arty. Jackson's Division. Winder's (Stonewall) Brigade: 2nd Va., 4th Va., 5th Va., 27th Va., 33rd Va., Allegheny Arty., Rockbridge Arty. Cunningham's Brigade: 21st Va., 42nd Va., 48th Va., 1 st Va. (Irish) Battn., Hampden Arty. Fulkerson's Brigade: 10th Va., 23rd Va., 37th Va., Danville

Arty. Lawton's Brigade: 13th Ga., 26th Va., 31st Ga., 38th Ga., Goth Ga., 61st Ga. Ewell's Division. Elzey's Brigade: 12th Ga., 13th Va., 25th Va., 31st Va., 44th Va., 52nd Va., 58th Va. Trimble's Brigade: 15th Ala., 21st Ga., 16th Miss., 21 st N.C., 1st N.C. Battn. Sharpshooters, Courtney's Battery. Taylor's Brigade: 6th La., 7th La., 8th La., 9th La., 1st La. Special Battn., Charlottesville Arty. Maryland Line: 1st Inf., Co. 'A' Md. Cav., Balto. Battery. Hill's Division. Rhodes's Brigade: 3rd Ala., 5th Ala., 6th Ala., 12th Ala., 26th Ala., King William Arty. Anderson's Brigade: 2nd N.C., 4th N.C., 14th N.C., 30th N.C., Hardaway's Battery. Garland's Brigade: 5th N.C., 12th N.C., 13th N.C., 20th N.C., 23rd N.C., JefT Davis Arty. Colquitt's Brigade: 13th Ala., 6th Ga., 23rd Ga., 27th Ga., 28th Ga. Ripley's Brigade: 44th Ga., 48th Ga., 1st N.C., 3rd N.C. Artillery: Hanover Arty.

magruder's command

Jones's Division. Toombs's Brigade: 2nd Ga., 15th Ga., 17th Ga., 20th Ga. Anderson's Brigade: 1st Ga. (Regulars), 7th Ga., 8th Ga., 9th Ga., 1 ith

A typical pair of officer's field-glasses, made in France. (Author's collection)

Ga. Artillery: Wise Arty, Washington Arty, Madison Arty, Dabney's Battery. McLaw's Division. Semmes's Brigade: 10th Ga., 53rd Ga., 5th La., 10th La., 15th Va., 32nd Va. Kershaw's Brigade: 2nd S.C., 3rd S.C., 7th S.C., 8th S.C., Alexandria Arty.

Magruder's Division. Cobb's Brigade: 16th Ga., 24th Ga., Ga. Legion (Cobb's), 2nd La., 15th N.C., Troup Arty. Barksdale's Brigade: 13th Miss., 17th Miss., 18th Miss., 21st Miss., 1st Richmond Howitzers. Artillery: Pulaski Arty., James City Arty., Magruder Arty. Longstreefs Division. Kemper's Brigade: 1st Va., 7th Va., 1 ith Va., 17th Va., 24th Va., Loudoun Arty. Anderson's Brigade: 2nd S.C. (Rifles), 4th S.C. Battn., 5th S.C., 6th S.C., Palmetto (S.C.) Sharpshooters. Pickett's Brigade: 8th Va., 18th Va., 19th Va., 28th Va., 56th Va. Wilcox's Brigade: 8th Ala., 9th Ala., 10th Ala., 1 ith Ala., Thomas Arty. Pryor's Brigade: 14th Ala., 2nd Fal., 14th Va., 1st La. Battn., 3rd Va., Donaldson-ville Arty. Featherston's Brigade: 12th Miss., 19th Miss., 2nd Miss. Battn., 3rd Richmond Howitzers. Artillery: Washington Arty., Lynchburg Arty., Dixie Arty.

Huger's Division. Mahone's Brigade: 6th Va., 12th Va., 16th Va., 41st Va., 49th Va., Portsmouth Arty. Wright's Brigade: 44th Ala., 3rd Ga., 4th Ga., 22nd Ga., 1st La., Huger's Battery. Armi-stead's Brigade: 9th Va., 14th Va., 38th Va., 53rd Va., 57th Va., 5th Va. Battn., Fauquier Arty., Turner's Battery.

Hill's (Light) Division. Field's Brigade: 40th Va., 47th Va., 55th Va., Goth Va. Gregg's Brigade: 1st S.C., 1st S.C. Rifles, 12th S.C., 13th S.C., 14th S.C. Anderson's Brigade: 14th Ga., 35th Ga., 45th Ga., 49th Ga., 3rd La. Battn. O'Branch's Brigade: 7th N.C., 18th N.C., 28th N.C., 33rd N.C., 37th N.C. Archer's Brigade: 5th Ala. Battn., 19th Ga., 1st Tenn., 7th Tenn., 14th Tenn. Pender's Brigade: 2nd Ark. Battn., 16th N.C., 22nd N.C., 34th N.C., 38th N.C., 22nd Va. Battn. Artillery: Snowden Andrews's Battery, German Arty., Fredericksburg Arty., Crenshaw's Battery, Letcher Arty., Johnson's Battery, Masters's Battery, Pee Dee Arty., Purcell Arty. Holmes's Division. Ramson's Brigade: 24th N.C., 25th N.C., 26th N.C., 35th N.C., 48th N.C., 49th N.C. Daniel's Brigade: 43rd N.C., 45th N.C.,

The Confederates' best supplier was the Federal government. Confederate cavalrymen 'draw' new supplies from a just-captured U.S. supply train

50th N.C., Burroughs's Cavalry Battn. Walker's Brigade: 3rd Ark., 2nd Ga. Battn., 27th N.C., 46th N.C., 30th Va., Goodwyn's Cavalry Co. Artillery: Branch's Battery, Brem's Battery, French's Battery, Graham's Battery.

wise's command

26th Va., 46th Va., Andrews's Battery, Rives's Battery.

reserve artillery ist Va. Arty., Williamsburg Arty., Richmond F ayette Arty., Watson's Battery. Jones's Battalion: Clark's Battery, Orange Arty., Rhett's Battery. 1 st Battn. (Sumpter) Arty.: Blackshear's Battery, Lane's Battery, Price's Battery, Ross's Battery, Hamilton's (Regular) Battery. Second Battn.: Fluvanna Arty., Milledge's Battery, Ashland Arty. Third Battn.: Fluvanna Arty., Amherst Arty., Morris Arty.


Va., Ga. Legion, 15th Va. Battn., Hampton Legion, JefT Davis Legion, Stuart's Horse Arty.


II.Qj Escort: 39th Va. Battn. Provost Guard: 1st Va. Battn., Co. 'B' 44th Va. Battn. Engineers: 1st Regt., two companies, 2nd Regt.'s corps

Pickett's Division. Steuart's Brigade: 9th Va., 14th Va., 38th Va., 53rd Va., 57th Va. Corse's Brigade: 15th Va., 17th Va., 29th Va., 30th Va., 32nd Va. Hunton's Brigade: 8th Va., 18th Va., 19th Va., 28th Va., 56th Va. Terry's Brigade: 1st Va., 3rd Va., 7th Va., 1 ith Va., 24th Va. Field's Division. Perry's (late Law's) Brigade: 4th Ala., 15th Ala., 44th Ala., 47th Ala., 48th Ala. Anderson's Brigade: 7th Ga., 8th Ga., 9th Ga., nth Ga., 59th Ga. Benning's Brigade: 2nd Ga., 15th Ga., 17th Ga., 20th Ga., Bratton's Brigade: 1st S.C., 5th S.C., 6th S.C., 2nd S.C. (Rifles), Palmetto (S.C.) Sharpshooters. Gregg's Brigade: 3rd Ark., 1 st Tex., 4th Tex., 5th Tex. Kershaw's Division. Du Bose's Brigade: 16th Ga., 18th Ga., 24th Ga., 3rd Ga. Battn. Sharpshooters, Cobb's Ga. Legion, Phillips's Ga. Legion. Humphrey's Brigade: 13th Miss., 17th Miss., 18th Miss., 21 st Miss. Simms's Brigade: 10th Ga., 50th Ga., 51st Ga., 53rd Ga.

Artillery: Haskell's Battn.: Planner's Battery, Ramsey's Battery, Garden's Battery, Lamkin's Battery. Huger's Battn.: Moody's Battery, Fick-ling's Battery, Parker's Battery, Smith's Battery, Taylor's Battery, Woolfolk's Battery.

Gordon's corps

Grimes' (late Rhodes') Division. Battle's Brigade: 3rd Ala., 5th Ala., 6th Ala., 12th Ala., 61 st Ala. Grimes's Brigade: 32nd N.C., 43rd N.C., 45th N.C., 53rd N.C., 2nd N.C. Battn. Cox's Brigade: 1st N.C., 2nd N.C., 3rd N.C., 4th N.C., 14th N.C., 30th N.C. Cook's Brigade: 4th Ga., 12th Ga., 21st Ga.,44thGa., Patterson's Battery. Archer's Battn.: 3rd Battn. of Va. Reserves, 44th Battn. of Va. Reserves.

Early's Division. Johnston's Brigade: 5thN.C., 12th N.C., 20th N.C., 23rd N.C., 1st N.C. Battn. Lewis's Brigade: 6th N.C., 21st N.C., 54th N.C., 57th N.C. Walker's (late Pegram's) Brigade: 13th Va., 31st Va., 49th Va., 52nd Va., 58th Va. Gordon's Division. Evans's Brigade: 13th Ga., 26th Ga., 31st Ga., 38th Ga., 60th and 61 st Ga. (combined), 9th Ga. Battn. Arty., 18th Ga. Battn. Arty. Terry's Brigade: 2nd Va., 4th Va., 5th Va., 10th Va., 21 st Va., 23rd Va., 25th Va., 27th Va., 33rd Va., 37th Va., 42nd Va., 44th Va. York's Brigade: 1st La., 2nd La., 5th La.,6th La., 7th La., 8th La., 9th La., 10th La., 14th La., 15th La. Artillery: Braxton's Battn.: Carpenter's Battery, Cooper's Battery, Hardwicke's Battery. Cutshaw's Battn.: Reese's Battery, Carter's Battery, Montgomery's Battery, Fry's Battery, Garber's Battery, Jones's Battery. Hardaway's Battn.: Dance's Battery, Graham's Battery, Griffin's Battery, Smith's Battery. Johnson's Battn.: Clutter's Battery, Pollock's Battery. Lightfoot'sBattn.: Caroline Arty., Nelson Arty., Surry Arty. Stark's Battn.:

Confederate butternut wool officer's vest. (Author's collection)

Green's Battery, French's Battery, Armistead's Battery.

hill's corps Provost Guard: 5th Ala. Battn. Heth's Division. Davis's Brigade: 1st Confederate Battn., 2nd Miss., 11th Miss., 26th Miss., 42nd Miss. Cooke's Brigade: 15th N.C., 27th N.C., 46th N.C., 48th N.C., 55th N.C. MacRae's Brigade: 1 ith N.C., 26th N.C., 44th N.C., 47th N.C., 52nd N.C. McComb's Brigade: 2nd Md. Battn., 1st Tenn. (Provisional Army), 7th Tenn., 14th Tenn., 17th and 23rd Tenn. (combined), 25th and 44th Tenn. (combined), 63rd Tenn. Wilcox's Division. Thomas's Brigade: 14th Ga., 35th Ga., 45th Ga., 49th Ga. Lane's Brigade: 18th N.C., 28th N.C.,' 33rd N.C., 37th N.C., McGowan'sBrigade: istS.C. (Provisional Army), 12th S.C., 13th S.C., 14th S.C., Orr's S.C. Rifles. Scalcs'sBrigade: i3thN.C., 16th N.C., 22nd N.C., 34th N.C., 38th N.C.

Mahone's Division. Forney's Brigade: 8th Ala., 9th Ala., 10th Ala., 1 ith Ala., 13th Ala., 14th Ala.

General Robert E. Lee, centre, greets his defeated troops after Pickett's charge at Gettysburg in this diorama at Gettysburg National Military Park

Weisiger's Brigade: 6th Va., 12th Va., 16th Va., 41st Va., 61 st Va. Harris's Brigade: 12th Miss., 16th Miss., 19th Miss., 48 th Miss. Sorrel's Brigade: 3rd Ga., 22nd Ga., 48th Ga., 64th Ga., 2nd Ga. Battn., 10th Ga. Battn. Finegan's Brigade: 2nd Fla., 5th Fla., 8th Fla., 9th Fla., 10th Fla., 1 ith Fla.

Artillery. Mcintosh's Battn.: Hurt's Battery, Cham-berlayne's Battery, Price's Battery, Donald's Battery. Poague's Battn.: Richards's Battery, Williams's Battery, Johnston's Battery, Utter-back's Battery, Perrick's Battery., 13th Va. Battn.: Otey's Battery, Ringgold Battery. Richardson's Battn.: Gregg's Battery, Cayce's Battery, Ellett's Battery, Brander's Battery.

andf.rson's corps

Johnson's Division. Wise's Brigade: 26th Va., 34th Va., 46th Va., 59th Va. Wallace's Brigade: 17th S.C., 18th S.C., 22nd S.C., 23rd S.C., 26th S.C., Holcombe S.C. Legion. Moody's Brigade: 41st Ala., 43rd Ala., 59th Ala., 60th Ala., 23rd Ala. Battn. Ransom's Brigade: 24th N.C., 25th N.C., 35th N.C., 49th N.C., 56th N.C. Artillery. Blount's Battn.: Slaten's Battery, Cum-ming's Battery, Miller's Battery, Young's Battery.

Coit's Battn.: Bradford's Battery, R.G. Pegram's Battery, Wright's Battery. Stribling's Battn.: Dickerson's Battery, Marshall's Battery, Macon's Battery, Sullivan's Battery. Smith's Battn.: 1st Md. Arty., Johnston's Battery, Neblett's Battery, Drcwry's Battery, Kevill's Battery.

cavalry corps

Fitzhugh Lee's Division. Munford's Brigade: 1 st Va., 2nd Va., 3rd Va., 4th Va. Payne's Brigade: 5th Va., 6th Va., 8th Va., 36th Va. Battn. Gary's Brigade: 7th Ga., 7th S.C., Hampton's S.C. Legion, 24th Va.

W. //. F. Lee's Division. Barringer's Brigade: 1 st N.C., 2nd N.C., 3rd N.C., 5th N.C. Beale's Brigade: 9th Va., 10th Va., 13th Va., 14th Va. Roberts's Brigade: 4th N.C., 16th N.C. Battn. Rosser's Division. Dearing's Brigade: 7th Va., 1 ith Va., 12th Va., 35th Va. Battn. McCausland's Brigade: 16th Va., 17th Va., 21st Va., 22nd Va. Artillery. Chew's Battn.: Graham's Battery, McGregor's Battery. Breathed's Battn.: P. P. Johnston's Battery, Shoemaker's Battery, Thompson's Battery.

G. W. C. Lee's Division. (Composed of Barton's and Crutchfield's Brigades, with Tucker's Naval Battalion attached.)


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