Admiral David Farragut

David Farragut is the naval commander who said, "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!" He came from a family with a tradition of navy service and was the adoptive brother of two Union navy admirals. He won the surrender of New Orleans in 1862 and made his famous statement while winning the Battle of Mobile Bay in 1864.

Arming soldiers

The first civil war volunteers carried a variety of blades and firearms. Their generals urged them to accept standard weapons that any soldier could use. The rifles they preferred were single-shot arms loaded at the muzzle. They fired a cone-shaped lead slug called a miniƩ. The slug or bullet came wrapped in paper. A

premeasured amount of gunpowder also came in the paper package. To load this rifle, a soldier pulled one of these cartridges from a box on his belt. He tore open the bottom of the cartridge with his teeth and poured the gunpowder down the muzzle of the rifle. Next he placed the bullet in the muzzle. Pulling a long metal rod called a ramrod from its place under the rifle's barrel, the soldier then rammed the bullet firmly down to the bottom of the barrel. To fire the rifle, he placed a metal cap filled with explosive on a metal piece called a nipple. when he cocked back the rifle's hammer and pulled its trigger, the hammer hit the cap and fired the weapon.

Leather and wire grip

. CS stamp

Blunt upper edge

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