Southerners In Exile

This group of ex-Confederates fled to Canada after the Civil War. When their government collapsed, they feared punishment by Union authorities, as had happened in other countries when revolutions failed. One of these men, John C. Breckinridge, was an 1860 candidate for U.S. president and a former Confederate general. Neither he nor the other men with him were punished for having taken part in the conflict. Breckinridge later returned to the United States and became governor of Kentucky.


Robert E. Lee died in 1870 at the age of sixty-three. This is a photograph of his funeral ceremony. At the time of his death, Lee was president of Washington College in Lynchburg, Virginia. Today the school is known as Washington & Lee University. In his later years, Lee was lauded in the North because he encouraged Southerners to embrace peace, a place for free blacks in American society, and America's future.

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