These Western-style spurs were worn by Confederate Captain E. M. Hudson.

Cavalry gauntlet

Worsted wool pants

Ankle-high brogan

Army camp life

Civil war soldiers spent almost all their time outdoors, in every season of the year. When traveling on campaigns, most men slept in bivouac, meaning they simply lay down on the ground and covered themselves with blankets. Troops assigned duty in and around cities sometimes lived in barracks, simple wood buildings. But when assigned to large camps, the troops slept in tents that held from four to eight men. They ate meals prepared by army cooks who worked out of large tent kitchens with portable ovens. The soldiers spent their days practicing drills, doing chores, and repairing worn equipment. In their limited free time, they wrote letters home, read, gambled, had their likenesses made by photographers, or enjoyed concerts by their units' marching bands. Fighting was not common in winter, and the men often built simple cabins to keep themselves warm at that cold time of year. in the spring, these huts became firewood.

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