Starr Army Revolver

The Union government bought pistols from companies other than Colt and Remington. The Starr Arms Company of New York State made .44 caliber revolvers like this one for the North. It has two triggers. The trigger farther from the grip cocks the gun; the other one fires it. With this clumsy arrangement, the pistol was not popular.

Wood grip


Cocking lever

Double-edged blade

Double-edged blade

Double-edged tip

Steel barrel band


Long before the Civil War, the U.S. Army gave soldiers who fired cannons these short swords. They were modeled on the swords carried by soldiers in the army of ancient Rome. American artillerymen were expected to use these blades to defend themselves and their cannons. By the time the Civil War broke out, however, these swords were not the best weapons. Soldiers used them instead as tools for cutting rope and cannon fuses.

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