The Scene Of The Crime

Ford's Theatre, where Abraham Lincoln was murdered, was owned by John Ford. He and many actors, as well as others who knew John Wilkes Booth, were detained by federal authorities after the assassination of the president. The theater was closed. However, today it is a National Historic Landmark. Tours of it are given, and occasionally it is used for special theatrical productions.


Jefferson Davis's wife and family were with him when he was captured by Union soldiers. They and other members of their party were placed in canvas-covered ambulances and driven into Macon, Georgia. This is the only known photograph of the group in custody. The ambulances are surrounded by cavalrymen. Mrs. Davis and the children were later forcibly separated from the former Confederate president. They did not see or hear from him until many months later.

DAVIS'S LAST FLAG This Confederate battle flag was carried by Jefferson Davis's personal military escort during the former president^ s flight from U.S. troops. Davis, determined to avoid capture, was armed with a powerful Henry repeating rifle. He and his party were seized in Georgia one night while they were gathered around a campfire. Not a shot was fired.

Knife used to slash Major Rathbonp

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