Griswold Pistol

Lot 2260

Drum Sling

A wonderful example of a drum sling made of woven canvas with brown leather tabs $375

Lot 2263

Confederate Haversack

Lot 2261

Confederate Haversack

Confederate haversack with pewter buttons and scalloped flap is from the DuBose collection $2,400

Lot 2259

Confederate Cedar Canteen

Confederate cedar canteen with original harness leather shoulder strap, that is sewn at top and has the initials of the Confederate soldier that carried it, "JWB," carved on one side $3,200

Lot 2262

Fifth Corps Cavalry Gauntlets

5th Corps Cavalry gauntlets has the stenciled "red cross" design of the "Fifth Corps." $800

Confederate Sash Of The "57th Mississippi"

A superb Confederate officer's crimson sash (shown at the right) has its old tag identification $1,200

Crimson SashGriswold And Gunnison

A Rare, Captured Confederate Pistol Griswold and Gunnison #1567 Macon, Georgia, August 1863 in CSA holster

Confederate HolstersGriswold And Gunnison

This rare, captured Griswold and Gunnison #1567 still has residue of burnt powder in four of the six cylinder chambers. It was found in Michigan, and was likely captured during the Battle of Atlanta to be brought north as a war trophy. From the famous Wiley Sword collection.

Confederate Cavalry Sword IdentificationConfederate Pistols Griffin

A Rare, Captured Confederate Pistol

Excellent condition and well struck with all matching serial numbers and assembly numbers, it is just as it was the day it was captured from a Confederate soldier before Atlanta $24,500

US Cavalry "Buff" Belt Rig

This belt rig includes holster, cap box and cartridge box, as well as sword hangers and a silver wreath eagle belt plate. Excellent supple condition and perfect for display $2,400

Sword Hanger For Belt

US Cavalry "Buff" Belt Rig

This belt rig includes holster, cap box and cartridge box, as well as sword hangers and a silver wreath eagle belt plate. Excellent supple condition and perfect for display $2,400

Lot 2266

Lot 2266

Fourth Mississippi Belt Set

A fine belt set with tarred linen belt, home made pistol holster for a Griswold and a cap box. A great Confederate field rig $900

Cross Creek HolsterConfederate Cartridge Box
Lot 2267

Confederate Cartridge Box And Shoulder Strap

Confederate cartridge box and shoulder strap was made from tarred linen and harness leather with a cross-over "X" design on verso. It has the original tin cartridge boxes inside. A remarkable showpiece $4,500

I sell the "Old Fashion Way" ... all prices are NET with NO hidden fees and NO buyers premium.

Missouri Partisan Ranger Badge
Lot 2268

Union Foot Officer's Sword

Officer's sword that was either made and/or sold in St. Louis, Missouri by H. Folsom. It is marked on the ricasso and gilt sword knot, and has a beautifully etched blade. In exceptionally fine condition throughout from this rare western weapons merchant $1,600

Griswold Confederate Army Pistols
Lot 2269

Confederate Blockade Run Sabre

This sabre was made by Isaac and Co - London 1861. The fullered blade has a mirror perfect finish and is marked "Isaac & Co" on the top edge of the blade - a perfect scabbard. Isaac and Co was one of the most famous Confederate Military outfitters in England, running the Union Blockade to Charleston and Wilmington. Excellent example $1,800

James Conning Sword

Lot 2270

Superb Confederate Boyle and Gamble Foot Officer's Sword

This beautiful sword is in excellent condition and is completely original throughout. The overall length of the sword is 37H inches and the blade measures 29 5/8 inches long. The brass guard is of the typical rose design with intertwining vines. The grip is leather with most of the original brown color dye and has twelve winds of medium heavy single strand brass wire, all intact. The brass guard shows a beautiful age patina, having never been cleaned. The leather scabbard is top-seamed and has brass mounts and brass carrying rings. The dyed brown leather is thinning, showing a shallow reddish brown color. Scabbard is in excellent condition, showing no weaknesses. The brass mounts are screwed onto the scabbard and, along with the brass carrying rings, show an even aged patina. This is a near mint and original Confederate Officer's sword made by the Boyle and Gamble Company of Richmond, Virginia who armed most of the officers of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. This sword was previously on exhibit at the Confederate Armory Museum in Gettysburg, PA and is from the collection of Fred Edmunds $9,500

Vicksburg Battlefield Museum

Lot 2271

Lot 2272

Lot 2271

Battle Of Vicksburg Hand Painted Regimental Drum Head

Battle of Vicksburg hand painted regimental drum head; which is trench art from the Siege of Vicksburg in June 1863. Large, 20 inches around, and hand painted in oils on velum by a Union soldier in the trenches before Vicksburg. The siege/ capture of Vicksburg, Mississippi secured the Mississippi River and divided the Confederacy in half, and occurred at the same time as the Battle of Gettysburg. This was the high tide mark of the Civil War in the summer of 1863. The art depicts Union siege forces attacking the city from the trenches while the Confederate flag still floats above the cliff over looking the river. Rare showpiece $3,600

Lot 2272

Confederate Bayonet Scabbards And A Union Bayonet

Confederate bayonet scabbards and a Union bayonet in a scabbard are all perfect for display $450

Confederate Bayonet ScabbardsGriswold Pistol Display
Lot 2273

53rd Georgia Confederate Cap Box

This cap box with lead finial and two-inch wide belt loop was carried by Private W. J. Futral, Co. A, 53rd Georgia Infantry, from Griffin, Georgia; who was captured at Knoxville and a POW at Rock Island, Illinois. Accompanied by a letter from his descendants in Macon. Very fine $2,400

20th Tennessee Infantry
Lot 2274

Confederate General Thomas Benton Smith's pistol

Commander Of The 20th Tennessee Infantry During The Battle Of Nashville

Colt .36 caliber revolver inscribed on the back strap "Thomas Benton Smith" - the famous Confederate General captured while defending Shy's Hill during the Battle of Nashville. He was later tortured by the Union Officer that had captured him by being struck on his head 3 times with his own Sword, causing permanent brain damage. Prior to his capture/torture he had a prominent military career. General Jon Breckenridge presented the 20th Tennessee with a beautiful Confederate Flag; which was made by his wife, who cut up her wedding dress to make their flag for them. It is assumed that "This Revolver" was also presented to General Smith at this same time as the flag. This gun was captured from him at the Fall of Nashville, discoverd in 1977 in Cincinnati, Ohio and has never been on the market before. A remarkable Confederate General's presentation gun $33,500

General Thomas Benton Smith
Lot 2275

Confederate James Conning, Mobile, ALA Cavalry Saber With Scabbard

A contract cavalry saber by James Conning with a 36 inch curved blade, unstopped fullers, 1 3/8 inches wide. The 5 H inch brass guard (knuckle bow with two branches joining an elliptical counter guard) is stamped at the ricasso in an arch "JAMES CONNING" over a straight line stamp "MOBILE." The grip is professionally rewrapped, wound with twisted brass wire. The scabbard is of iron as are the mounting rings and drag. The sword was obtained in attic condition from a family in Huntsville, AL in 1999 $5,500

Lot 2276

Leech & Rigdon Confederate Artillery Officer's Belt

A very rare leech & Rigdon 2pc interlocking Confederate Artillery officer's belt set, with plain tongue and Oak Leaf wreath and only one hanger $4,800

Confederate Officer Belt


14 MBp

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