Confederate Artillery Sword

Lot 2277

Leech & Rigdon Confederate Navy Short Sword & Original Scabbard

The rarest of all CS Navy Short Swords, made by Leech & Rigdon most likely in Selma, Alabama. Solid brass cast hilt with "S" cross guard, and slot in pommel for a basket guard. 20 inch long double edge blade in original Tin mounted black leather scabbard. Absolutely superb and the only sword of this type known to exist in its original scabbard $16,500

Lot 2278

Confederate Major General W. B. Taliaferro's Camp Trunk

General Taliaferro was an intriguing man - Gloucester County, Virginia aristocrat, Major General of militia, Harvard educated lawyer, Virginia delegate and regular US army officer and Mexican War veteran. Taliaferro gained notoriety as another of the South's officers who got on the wrong side of the great Stonewall Jackson. Taliaferro served under Jackson in his Shenadoah Valley and Seven Days' campaigns and, despite their shared devotion to strict discipline, bickered - much to Taliaferro's detriment. Taliaferro was wounded at Groveton, and, in July 1863, he commanded Battery Wagner on Morris Island. (He was the commander who resisted the assault of the 54th Massachusetts Colored troops of "Glory" fame.) At the close of the war he commanded a division under Joe Johnston in North Carolina. The trunk was purchased from the Taliaferro family by an early collector and personal friend, Jim Moser of Orange, Virginia decades ago. The trunk has replaced hinges, and minor repairs to bottom. Latch is original. This sturdy pine trunk measures 42 1/2" long x 18 3/4" wide x 15 1/2" deep. Overall condition is excellent! $6,750

Tippecanoe LatchConfederate Artillery Short Sword

Lot 2279

Lot 2279

Selma Arsenal Short Sword Of The Confederate Navy

This Selma Arsenal short sword - as issued with no cross guard and 20 inch long roman blade - has a crudely cast brass scaled handle $3,400

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