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Civil War Army Medical Steward

Lot 2200

Union Officer Hardee

Lot 2200

J.E.B. Stuart wore an identical Hardee hat made by the very same French maker, "Latour and Prince - Paris" however this General Officer's Hat was worn by Union General Thomas Welsh of the 9th Corps

While J.E.B. Stuart's Hardee hat is on permanent display at the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, this is the finest known US General Officer's Hardee Style hat in private hands. It is in immaculate condition and comes with its original wooden hat box with a label on the lid "General Thomas Welsh - Dress Hat." Welsh commanded the Ninth Corps' First Division during the siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi and died shortly after the battle of malarial fever. He was appointed brigadier general just a few months before he died. Welsh must have only worn this magnificent hat a few times, as it is in the condition that collectors dream of. It has a tall Jeff Davis-style 7 inch high crown with an ostrich plume, a cockade, a black silk band on the brim, a gold thread general officer's bullion hat cord, a mint "US" within a wreath badge on the front of the hat and an equally magnificent gold bullion side Eagle (see back cover) that holds up the right side of the brim. The black sweat bank measures 2-5/8 inches with a gold stamped maroon lining that is flawless and embossed in gold lettering Deux Medailles de La Classe - "Chapeau Excelsior" - Latour and Prince, Paris. From the Norm Flayderman collection $28,000

Hospital StewardFlayderman Collection

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Officer Hardee Hat
Lot 2201

2nd US Cavalry Officer's Hardee Hat

Second US Cavalry Officer's Hardee Hat, Company K, with Eagle side plate, ostrich feather plume, gold tasseled hat cords and full insignia -"2," "Crossed Sabres" and "K." An unusual 8-inch tall crown, marked on the inside "US Army - Extra-Manufacture 7 - No. 3" with Eagle and Shield motto all stamped in gold $6,800

Cavalry Hospital Steward Jacket
Lot 2202

Union "Zouave" style First Lieutenant's Officer's Kepi

Union "Zouave" style First Lieutenant's Officer's Kepi with "I" buttons, large 3-inch wide red band and a dark blue crown with bright single strand of quatrefoil. Visor still has green paint on the inside, green linen lining and a brown russet sweatband. Near mint condition $6,800

Lot 2203

Seventh US Cavalry Regulation Enlisted Man's Hardee Hat

Seventh US Cavalry Regulation Enlisted Man's Hardee Hat with "Crossed Sabres" and "7" insignia, and gold tasseled cords. The hat was refashioned in the field by the trooper, lowering the crown, which is unusual. The inside of the hat is clearly marked "US Army - Extra Manufacture 4." Some wear and restoration, but otherwise a showpiece $4,400

95th Pennsylvania Infantry
Lot 2204

Patterson Zouaves, 95th Pennsylvania Infantry

Gosline's Regiment of Zouaves was organized in Philadelphia in August 1861. This rare and superb Zouave coat is accompanied by an officer's vest that has a fully beaded front with brass buttons and is piped in bright red. The coat has been relined from wear, otherwise in near mint condition and is very rare. Accompanied by an original albumen photograph showing a full standing pose of a Gosline Zouave $22,500

Original Civil War Greatcoat
Lot 2205

US "Cavalry" Great Coat And Cape

US "Cavalry" Great Coat and Cape with "C" buttons. The fabric in this item is a heavy and coarse blue wool and shows wear to the cuffs and tails from field use on horse back. These cavalry great coats are scarce $6,800

Medical Corps Chevrons

Lot 2206

Custom Made Civil War Uniforms

Lot 2207

Civil War Shell Jackets

Lot 2206

Medical Cavalry Hospital Steward Custom Made Shell Jacket

One of the rarest Civil War uniforms in existence - "Medical Cavalry Hospital Steward" custom made shell jacket. Each sleeve has custom made, long half-chevrons of the regulation Medical department. Made of green wool cloth with bright gilt medical service insignia on a cavalry shell jacket. High standing, faded light green collar has two "C" buttons on each side. All other buttons are "C" including two on each of the functioning cuffs. The sleeve width at the elbow is 9 inches wide, while the cuff openings are 4.5 inches. The chest portion of this uniform is heavily quilted and lined with green linen.

Hospital Stewards were warrant officers, ranking above company first sergeants. Besides the Surgeons, they were the only men permanently attached to the Medical Department. This a unique uniform, the type of which has never been offered before, and is among the rarest of Civil War uniforms known to exist $22,500

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Hospital Steward Civil War

Lot 2207

Salem Zouaves Uniform And Vest

Salem Zouaves Uniform and Vest, Company I, 8th Massachusetts' Infantry issued during the occupation of Baltimore, MD in 1861 during the riots. In near mint condition with its bright yellow-gold piping through out. This uniform descended in the Ropes family in Boston (founders of the Ropes and Grey Law Firm). Found by J. Stamatelos and is accompanied by his verification letter $22,500

Fire Zouave BeltPhiladelphia Fire Zouave Badge

Lot 2208

This Keystone Zouave coat of the 76th Pennsylvania is beautifully piped in bright red with black buttons, and has a repro belt and shirt that are only for display $14,500

Lot 2208

Keystone Zouave Coat

This Keystone Zouave coat of the 76th Pennsylvania is beautifully piped in bright red with black buttons, and has a repro belt and shirt that are only for display $14,500

Shirt Partisan Rangers

Lot 2209

Fire Zouaves

Lot 2210

Lot 2209

Eleventh New York "Fire Zouave" Fez

11th New York "Fire Zouave" fez in bright carmine red with large heavy fringed blue tassels that are affixed with a 3 inch large round brass button at crown. Made of a single hide with no seams, the edge is rough cut and unseamed, and the initials "WILD" are sewn into the crown. Beautifully made and early $3,200

Lot 2211

Cavalry Union Officer's Kepi

This Cavalry Union Officer's Kepi with embroidered "Crossed Sabres" hat badge and officer's grade eagle buttons on the chin strap has faded to an even brown color with the exception of the area around the hat badge. The badge, when worn, would have been protected from the sun. Fine and attractive $6,200

Lot 2210

US Cavalry Boots

These US Cavalry boots with their square toe are in black and brown leather with canvas straps $850

Cavalry LeatherHospital Steward Chevrons

Lot 2212

Army Point Chevrons

Lot 2212

US Army Sergeant's "9 Button" Frock Coat And Belt Set

US Army Sergeant's "9 Button" frock coat and belt set is a single breasted coat with buff shoulder sling and cartridge box. The cap box is by LS Baker, New York. The bayonet scabbard with "US" brass belt plate and "eagle" shoulder belt plate are in wonderful condition. Large, light blue sergeant's chevrons cover each sleeve. A superb showpiece $22,500

Wool Union Army Cap

Lot 2213

Union Army Enlisted Man's Infantry "Bummer Cap"

Union Army Enlisted Man's Infantry '"Bummer Cap" has partial makers label inside "US Army-Size 5 - L.J.&I. Phillips." No lining and worn $2,200

Buff Creek Mississippi Pictures
Lot 2214

Union Infantry McDowell Kepi

Union Infantry McDowell Kepi with large infantry "Horn" and "A" that fills up the entire crown. With partial paper label inside "US Army -No. 2 - 63." $4,200

Insignia Epaulette

Lot 2215

US Army Medical Officer's Shoulder Epaulettes

US Army Medical Officer's shoulder epaulette in the original tin box. This mint condition item has "MS" in silver on all gold, gilt epaulettes $2,200

Lieutenant Gilt Shoulder Boards

Lot 2216

Union Army General's Shoulder Bars

Union Army General's shoulder bars have large quatrefoil bands on black velvet with a brigadier general's star at the center. In mint condition $1,800

I sell the "Old Fashion Way" ... all prices are NET with NO hidden fees and NO buyers premium.

Civil War Hospital Steward
Lot 2217

95th Pennsylvania Regimental Drum

95th Pennsylvania Regimental Drum carried by Musician William J. Brown of Company C, 95th PA throughout the war from 1861 to 1865 with "Battle Honors." A patriotic motto is painted around the peep hole. Original leather tabs with brass rivets, rope and tension cords make this a remarkable and historical ^^^^^^^^^ drum. This wonderful example is of the type played in all the battles from Yorktown to Gettysburg to Petersburg, as well as the last battle of the Civil War at Appomattox C.H., VA, where Lee surrendered in 1865 $8,800

Virginia BeltplateFancy Honor Sash And Cord Lacrosse
Lot 2218

Union Officer's Sword Belt

Union Officer's sword belt with fancy 5-point "Star" buttons for each sword strap. The bright brass eagle buckle is on glossy black leather. A great set $1,450

Lot 2219

US Army Officer's Sword Belt Set

US Army Officer's Sword Belt Set and Maroon Officer's Sash has brass eagle belt plate on black leather. In great condition $1,200

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