Gettysburg Relic Board

Lot 2309

Tennessee Slave Sale in 1833

Tennessee Slave Sale of a Negro man named William, 32 years old, for $400 - in a leather bound portfolio for display $250

Nhv SoldierWilliam Morris Stencils
Lot 2308

Union Naval Flag

The Union naval flag appears to be the canton of a boat flag that has been resewn to guidon size for a naval officer's personal flag. This naval flag measures 16 x 20 inches and has a nice Star configuration $450

Nhv Soldier
Lot 2310

Union Soldier's Brass Stencil

Union soldier's brass stencil 18th NY. Stenciling says "D.H. Gray 18th Regt NYSV" $220

Nhv Soldier
Lot 2312

Union Soldier's Brass Stencil

Union Soldier's brass stencil 17th NH Volunteers. Stenciling says "S B Cram - Dalton, NH - Co. A, 17th NHV" $220

Lot 2311

Connecticut Military Commission

Sergeant Wilbur Fisk, Co. F, 14th Ct Volunteers, August 20, 1862 Military Commission is signed by Colonel Dwight Morris and in its original oak frame $100

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Gettysburg Desk Set

Lot 2313

"Gettysburg Relic" Desk Set

Union General O. O. Howard's "Gettysburg Relic" desk set. He was the founder of Howard University after the war. Illustrated in NS Trader $650

Gettysburg Relic Desk Set

Lot 2315

Confederate General A.P. Hill Check

Confederate General A.P. Hill check signed "Twice" on the bank of the Metroplois, DC on March 11, 1861 just before he joined the Confederate Army 4,500 $4,500

Gettysburg Desk Set
Lot 2314

Civil War Bayonets And Bullets

Civil War bayonets, bullets and various veteran items, including a prewar letter by John C. Calhoun. Nice group that is all framed $350

Confederate Seal

Lot 2316

The Great Confederate Seal

The great Confederate Seal is hand painted on a large folio art board ca. 1880's. Sized 20 x 20 inches $650

Lot 2317

Union Army Green Sash

Lot 2318

Lot 2317

Confederate Bonds and South Carolina Currency

Confederate bonds and South Carolina currency are all well framed for display $750

Full Standing Hand Tinted Albumen

Union Medical Officer from New York with his green sash, shown full standing in this hand tinted albumen. In its original frame $75

Lot 2319

34-Star "Embroidered" Civil War 'Kansas' flag

34-Star hand-embroidered Civil War Flag Commemorating Kansas Statehood as a "Free State" on January 29, 1861.The double-applique embroidered stars are configured in a rare "Great Star" pattern, with a large 8-sided central star, on a blue wool canton. The flag is entirely hand-sewn. The stripes are of wool bunting and there is no visible sleeve. The most important feature of this flag is its hand-embroidered great star design with 8-sides. Size 4' x 8.' $17,500

British Indian Army Uniforms

Lot 2321

Lot 2320

Lieutenant Josiah M. Hubbard - 11th Kansas Cavalry Uniform

Lieutenant Josiah M. Hubbard, 11th Kansas Cavalry ca. 1862 - a superb frontier cavalry officer's uniform with his original "eagle" sword belt of brown russet leather. An abolitionist, he followed John Brown to Kansas in 1856 to ensure that Kansas was a Free State, meaning that slavery was not allowed. He was with Henry Ward Beecher when he made his famous bible and rifle speech and he was in Lawrance when it was sacked and burned by Quantrill's men which included Frank and Jesse James. In 1862 he enlisted in the 11th Kansas, immediately went to Arkansas and fought in the "Battle of Pea Ridge," and later against Hindman's Arkansas Confederates at the Battle of Prairie Grove. He then served escorting wagon trains to Fort Gibson where they fought numerous battles against Cherokee General Stand Watie and ended the war fighting Sioux Indians near Fort Laramie. His only brother was killed at the Battle of Antietam in 1862.

After the war Lieutenant Hubbard was responsible for opening the first school in Kansas for the freed slaves. An extremely rare border war cavalry officer's uniform worn by this follower of John Brown who not only fought to make Kansas a free state before the war but fought to keep it free during the war. Single breasted frock coat with eagle staff buttons, sword belt and sash (sword knot included) $17,500

Lot 2321

Brass Buckle With Star

Texas "Star" Oval Brass Buckle

A rare Texas "Star" oval brass buckle on a brown russett belt. This buckle is very likely post Civil War, because the original dies were restruck in the 1870's on for Texas State Militia. Still a rare western belt set $950

Lot 2322

US Cap Box with Plains Indian Beaded Flap

Union Cap box with Southern Plains Indian beaded "Morning Star" design on a US Army issue leather box with Kiowa Indian markings. Most likely captured or traded for and used by a Kiowa Warrior on the Texas/Kansas frontier. Fine and unusual $375

Nuckolls CanteenGriswold Confederate Army Pistols

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Civil War History Collected By Gary Hendershott

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