Lt. Mitson's Corps //lifg/lig Same for boih )?fh S 20 th A ,C, Regiment served in both from 9/18G2 io 6/L865. Made of wool cloth and gold buttion and worn an kepi or uniform*

a*. H • >th rts^i, Certa. • V*t. • Vo r H Q*Uy»B

7..1 ■ Knife reputed to h&va bt .1 used b It. Wilion to kill uonfadarat* ml

7..1 ■ Knife reputed to h&va bt .1 used b It. Wilion to kill uonfadarat* ml a*. H • >th rts^i, Certa. • V*t. • Vo r H Q*Uy»B

Bilistod June 27, 1861 Mistered as Corporal Promoted to Sgt. - February 20, 1062 " 1st Sgt, - April 2, 1S63 " " 2nd Lt. - October 16, 1863

Wounded in Action it Gulps Farm, Ga. - Juno 22, 1864

Wseliarged for Disability - December 22, 1S64

I From: "ftecord of Service of Connecticut Men in tbe Army and 'Livy of tho United States during the tor oi the Hebelllon" I adjutant General's CEfice - Hirtford, Conn, - 1889

Lot 2227

5th Connecticut

12th and 20th Corps Badge Grouping

This tremendous grouping includes Lieutenant P. P. Wilson's three Corps badges, his lieutenant's shoulder straps and his Bowie knife. He was wounded at Culps Farm, GA during the Atlanta Campaign and had his leg amputated. The top two Corps badges are made of red wool and the other is from a silver half-dollar that has been enameled. The lower right 5th Infantry silver badge and ribbon are great examples, and have Battle Honors engraved on verso - Winchester, Chancellorsville, Cedar Mountain, Gettysburg and Kenesaw Mountain. His IXL Bowie knife is made by Washington Works in Sheffield, England and is in its original 19th century oak frame $9,500

117th Infantry 19th Century Bowie Knives

Lot 2228

The Rarest Confederate Corps Badge - TEXAS 1864

This badge was made and presented by the Ladies of Houston to the Texas artillery man, W. Jett, of the Jeff Davis Guards for the Battle of Sabine Pass, Texas. The City of Houston was saved during that famous battle when 19,000 Union invasion forces attempted to capture the city from the sea. The Davis Guards fired light artillery cannons from a makeshift fort at the mouth of the Sabine River and turned back the entire Union assault force. Beautifully made with a home-spun cadet grey ribbon, this badge has a hand cast copper of the Battle Flag engraved with the motto "Victory or Death." The badge itself is engraved on a Mexican silver dollar with simply "D.G. & W. Jett" and a battle flag on verso with date of the battle.

This is one of only seven known to exist of the 49 that were presented by the Ladies of Houston on the first anniversary of the battle. This one was actually presented personally to a soldier and firmly identified. Confederate President Jefferson Davis visited Houston and an identical medal was presented to him. A similar medal was recently sold at auction with no identification for $50,000. The rarest of all Civil War and Texas medals in existence. A museum showpiece $42,500

Civil War Cavalry Badges

Lot 2229

Custer 3rd Cavalry Badge

A very rare 3rd Cavalry, Custer silver pin-back badge shown with crossed sabres and Custer's Gettysburg portrait in relief. Superb and untouched $3,800

Lot 2230

Custer's 3rd Cavalry Division Badge with Battle Honors

A very rare Custer cavalry division silver badge with Battle Honors from Gettysburg to Appomattox. This badge was worn and is in untouched condition $5,600

Lot 2231

The Rarest Union Corps Badge - 1864

United States Colored Troops Medal was designed and presented by General Benjamin Butler. This badge was struck in pure silver and depicts two black US Army soldiers charging a fortification like Battery Wagner. It has the original silk ribbon and silver clasp. "Army of the James" pin with an Eagle claw is holding the uncirculated and mint medal to the ribbon.

Interesting to note that many of these medals were presented to US Colored Troops in Brownsville, Texas during the final days of the war! Only 197 of these silver medals were commissioned by General Butler. They were made by the Boston jeweler Bigelow and Kennard, and engraved by artist, Anthony Paquet. This the first medal ever presented to US Colored Soldiers in the field. A remarkable and historical showpiece $34,500

Lot 2232

14th New York Infantry Gold Badge

This 14th New York Infantry gold badge with Battle Honor is on the original red silk ribbon. It was worn by "Captain Edward Warr, Co. E, 14th NYV" who had eight battle honors including Battery Wagner, Siege of Charleston, Cold Harbor and Petersburg. He was just 26 years old when he enlisted at Utica, NY and served in both the 14th and 117th NY Infantry. A very rare badge with battle honors $4,950

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