The Battlefield

Kineton can be reached by taking the B4451 from junction 12 of the M40. Turning on to the B4086 to Banbury, Edgehill will be seen as a low wooded ridge before and to the right of the road. Essex's positions are now occupied by a military depot, but one can reach the area in front of Radway where die Royalist army formed up.

From the top of Edgehill the ridge falls steeply some 350 feet to Radway, where rich farming land slopes gendy down towards Kineton. A row of low buildings (the military storage bunkers) are risible in the middle distance marking the rising ground upon which Essex drew up his army. Many trees and woods are to be seen, but in 1642 trees were few and Edgehill itself was bare except for scrub bushes of the kind now seen only near Sun Rising.

The present patchwork of fields must be disregarded to visualise the armies drawn up in a great plain field or meadow, with smaller hedged enclosures on its flanks. The best, and most agreeable view of the battlefield is gained by following the B4086 up on to Edgehill and turning right to drive along the ridge to the Castle Inn. From the balcony of this welcoming establishment one obtains one of the most striking views offered by any English battlefield.

RIGHT They are not forgotten. The Edgehill Memorial (on the B4086 Kineton to Banbury road) in early September 1999 shows that someone has remembered those who fought so long ago.

OPPSITE The Castle Inn seen from the base of Edgehill behind Radway village. This picture gives some idea of the steepness of the descent (falling 350 feet at this point) faced by the Royalist foot.

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