t Roberd, J. Grtiit Vurwuri Enrtiu, «e Chi It. M.A Hutory 0/ thr

Yarmouth Battery /"Norwich. 1927) p. 9 1 Quoted Sherwood, R E, Cri'ii Strife in On MbihnJi 1641-}!

iChicheiier, 1974 j Rniitt. U.S. C.htirlti iht Fint anJ Hull1 London, itji r p 57

while a French colonel, Mazercs, was apparently cashiered for his love of drink, gaming and women. Frequent references may be found to foreigners in positions of responsibility, often in technical roles like the engineer Rosworm or Monsieur de la Roche in charge of the Royalist monarat Cirencester in February 1643. These returned, experienced officers and foreign mercenaries, together with those rank and file with experience of campaigning in Ireland or against the Scots, enabled what might have been an untrained rabble 10 take the field in a cohesive body. By 1643-4 all armies had achieved their own experience by the melancholy business of fighting over their own homeland.

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