A reporter on the staff of Gen. Banks at the battle of Mansfield.

&rd> 13: Smith's forces land at Simsport (7) April 7:1 .ee's Union cavalrv skirmishes with Green's Confedereate troopers at March 14: Federals capture Fori de Russy Carroll's Mill tordt 16: Alexandria occupied April 8, pm: Battle of Mansfield

April 9, pm: Battle of Pleasant Hill

7: Union Brig. Gen. Albert L. Lee * 'jah'skirmisher with Brig. Gen. Thomas keen's cavalry at Wilson's Farm

April 24: Confederate Brig. Gen. Hamilton P, Bee is unsuccessful in his attempt to block Banks's retreat at Monnet's Ferry on the Cane River

May 20: The Federals complete their crossing of the Atchafalaya River. Lacking the capability to cross, Taylor could pursue no further

^2) May 16: Banks continues to retreat by pushing through Taylor's main force near Mansura

May 18: In a final effort to prevent Banks from escaping, Taylor attacks at Yellow Bayou. Outnumbered more than four to one, Taylor's vain attack costs his army 600 casualties

7 Admiral and was to being '.gan to fall

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