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Having crossTd Cetfar ffceek during the night, Early's Confederates attacked Sheridan's camp at dawn on October 19 .The astonished Federals dropped their weapons ami fled north. Kershaw's division, meanwhile, routed Xhqburn's two brigades a mile south of the main Federal/encampment (see map below). The Confederates pausea and the attack faltered. Federal VIII and XIX Corps withdrew mdisorder to the north, with VI Corps coloring the withdrawal (see map right). Having

Front Royal


Battle of Cedar Creek

October 19. 1864, 5.40- 1.30am Confederate Attacks

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■wrad's store Sheridan's army pursuing Early up the Valley of the * ShenatidoaH after the battle of Cedar Creek (below).

Returning from Winchester, Sheridan was able to turn his demoralized'troops and launch a devastating attack on the-Confederates who had paused to loot the abandoned Union encampment.



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port republic

With great pleasure, I tender to you... the thanks of the nation and my own personal admiration and gratitude for the month's operations m the Shenandoah Valley, and especially for the splendid work of October 19."

Lincoln to Sheridan, October 22.

advanced beyond Middletown, Early ordered a halt to rest his exhausted army. Sheridan, absent when the battle began, now arrived and rallied his dispersed forces north of Middletown. At 4pm, Sheridan counterattacked. Although initially blocked, when the Federals flanked Gordon's division, the Confederate line began to crumble. The retreat, pushed by the cavalry of Custer and Merritt, became a rout and by nightfall, Early's defeated forces had reached New Market (see map below).

Confederal* Attach

Union Counterattack October 19, 1864, 4 pm

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