Island No 10 And New Madrid

February 28 - April 8, 1862

4 Miles


Apriftiiiight: Shrouded by heavy storm, :Fe>ieral gunboat Carondekt passes the visSandim.d psyches New Madrid. Joined by ::gunixia<rH$0urgon night of April 7

: j^yïg&fê Pope's'trôops prepare to cross ' • "riy^aftd assault Confederates. Carondekt duels with ¡Confederate shore batteries

Dr D


April-?: Wb'ij'è .gunboats pound Tennessee 3, ^ ' shore ahdesjfence batteries, Pope's.forces 'O Môtk only'esiape.route. Island No.: 10 "sêizéd by .Foote's flotilla; Confederates ^surrender on April 8


No 11 Dam/lfs jOBiONVI

i March 3-14: Popelaiis siege to NewV^ ^ Madrid. Federals repulse Confederate^ raiders ami, bring up heavy artillery and boiftbaKliortificaODns- Ctinfedleiraie g^ition eiacuatetl to island N.o.H) and tftpir fleet mowf! dowasrjem Piipc occupies Mew Madrid


April 14: Foote's flotilla arrives »assist in combined operation to seizelsland No.10 Foole commences bombardment, which fails

Ulysses S. Grant (left) who was relegated to second-in-command on the arrival of Halleck from Washington. The relations between the two generals were uncertain, Halleck proving all too willing to credit reports of Grant's alleged insobriety.

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