Reams Station

* Fi.iri Ainnive

Federal forces gafeer on Virg|nia' s northern border and at Fo^lonroe.

Supported byjs _ devastating artillery 'bombardment, Burnside 's Rhode land Brig&d∧ f Ife^lsi New Yprk IRegiment succeed in pushing bjack*$h~$r Confederate line at *Bull Run. Despite tenacious resistance ithe Confederates lost I ground and a Union

(^2) June 10: Federal force attains ^^^ Confederate outpost at Big Betfre^but is sharplv.r-epalse3'('see\map top Ieft)V\

, July 21: McDoewll'^ederal forces, 37,000-strong, me§t the combined forego of Beauregard anil Johnston at Manassas Junction. The [email protected]!e of Bull Ruipgrisues (see map below ri^ht). The Federals retreat in conf&sion into ih^-Washington defenses^

i Octil: Fustier probings by thellAiion '¿into nojsfhem Virginia resulfi'n ilash at BallsBluff(see.mapioprteht) ihwhich

A strong Federal force marched from Fort Monroe through the night to attack Confederate positions at Big Bethel. The federal attack was hesitant and confused. After about an hour, the Union force retired in confusion, having suffered nearly ten times as many casualties as they had inflicted (see map above).

Hoping to dislodge the Confederates from Leesburg, McClellan ordered a demonstration across the Potomac River. Baker's brigade crossed the river, but ran into a Confederate brigade at the top of Ball's Bluff which drove them in disorder down the bank and into the river (See map above).

Confederate Col. D.H. Hill (above) whose command repulsed Butler's assault at Big Bethel. An almost fanatical supporter of secession, the North Carolinian was an impetuous but courageous commander. His spirited defense at Big Bethel resulted in 76 Union casualties and eight Confederate.


Orchard battle of big bethel fyne 10 1861

battle of ball's bluff

October 21 1861

Harrison's island

battle of first manassas (ball run)

Julw 21 1861

Hold your fire until they're on you. Then fire and give them the bayonet. And when you charge, yell like furies!"

July 21, night: intending to cum the -

Confederate left, McDowell advances 10,000 .men from Centreville to the west and south.

Gen. T. J. Jackson at the battle in which he earned the nickname fStonewall'

'2 . 8.30am: Confederates defending Stone ' Bridge learn thai the Federals are ai Sudle\ Ford. Brig. Gen. N. G. Evans moves portion of his command to meet the Federal threat.


Evaiis.opposes the Federal advance.

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