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King William C.

Mayîtr Aiming to cut. Lee's ¿rtf&muniuLbu-mih JRjchint>Lid anil ripétyLIL Stuart's cavalry. Gram di!pjtitó$eridan»utli «"th 1ÍOOB haríemeitTSiiftnrMt^jllOjnen, ■.pursues lOVERTÖl

While House

■O' May9: .SKcniiiHi [urcc.daniages Vir^uT^-' Cíiiüai Rrulmad .11 leaver Dam Static*»! ' ' destroys Cqt tfederat^'siores. they-'"" commues south ;

TunslaW StntiiyC

' 2 May 10-. Sheridan's torce íamps at Ground Squirrel Bridge 011 thf South .Anna River

May 11: Stuart makes-astandar Yellow Tavern, only6 miles north of Richmond. But, outnumbered, the Confederate cavalry is routed and Stuart mortally' wounded

Malvern Hill

Charles City CM.

May 14: Sheridan continues 011 to

Richmond, skirts the city's defenses and joins Federals at Haxall's Landing

May 24: Alter three days' rest at HaxalF Landing Sheridan journeys north to rejoin the Army of the Potomac near Spotsylvania

10 Miles eep moving, boys. We're going on 1\ through. There isn't cavalry enough in all the Southern Confederacy to stop us."

Gen. Philip Sheridan.

10 Miles


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