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C^P) April28-May 17: Alter thesurrrndisi,(>l' j, V NWOrleansjarragul'sPieclCfllrtitlues ~

northward, briefly occupying Natchez ^

f^) May 18: Reaching Vicksburs, ' v demands thediy'ssttrraKki. Revest refused by Confederate mjlitaiy governor

_ , „CO 0 £?oP e O < (3) May M - June 27;' Federal lim bomfedb

1 VicWjl.ll^ tiuLfj iO[Cf:.^urrentier

June 28: Federal flee; passesihe ^^ Vicksbargbateriaiseemapfigbtl

(5) Juiyl: Fafragtii"s fleet meets with IVestm: Flotilla itliic!) his sailed souihfrom . Memphis-

» f ««««>©« (Y) July 15: /lAnuia, commasded by

Isaac Newton Brown, aiiacJa the Union fleet crippling L1S.S. Cjiusiioli oi, ^to® o (

-¡\ July 15: .^rtu-njaiSkjirefsWc-JsualLics and severe damage bin reaches safeLyttttder .. Vicksburg batteries

July 24: Combined Union fleet's afcjandpn attempts to capture Vicksburg and »r-south toward New Orleans

The Union mortar flotilla was commanded by Farragut's adoptive brother, David D. Forter. For six days forts Jackson and St. Fhilip were bombarded by the 20 mortar schooners, each of which mounted one heavy 13-inch mortar and two or more long 32-pounders (above).

.>:, . Theodoras -¿a¿¿Ja.rf^rty rowing ashore to

. -¿fewa M; tfyp .surrm der of Neu^Orfeans, (above). The Refused io^lower'ihe Coi$f&iertit£ flag- and this action was per forme d-by two Union officers in the face ar*d hoitile ¿mw'ds ofihe'jaty's inhabitants.

De Sote ßt Point





-¿\Iarim Hospital B/ittery A

Smedes' Point. r^v

// —--'^^ f'l'imri^mgui-s fleet stedited northward jj / in an attempt to bypass the citfis formidable ¡jy batteries. By 4am the Confederates were^alerted to Farragut's intentions and the batteries opened fire. By 6am the entire fleet, with the exception of three vessels, had run the gauntlet. The action was important in that it revealed how a flotilla could escape serious damage while passing land batteries, but it had also become clear that Vicksburg could not be captured by a fleet unaided by land-based troops. Federal casualties numbered 45.

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