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June 12: Le^ndsjjiffial Early's ILSbrp« west to protect tSe-Shenpdoajj^vallef' from Federal attack \ / !\

June 12: Grant prepares to jiJove&Efffj the Potomac -100,000-strong-south Petersburg. II and VI Corps occupy :a revised siege line opposite' Richmond lUSt

June 12: Meanwhile V Corps moves from Malvern Hill area to cover the approaches to the James River rdingly

/"^"N June 13: XVIII Corps embarks and sails for the Bermuda Hundred

June 14: II Corps crosses to the south bank of the James River by boat, going from Wilcox's Landing to Windmill Point the staff of

June 15: A massive pontoon bridge is completed across the James and the rest of die Federal army crosses by June 16


Willoughby*Sr PL

June 15: Federal diversionary tactics keep — Lee focused on the front north of the James River

June 15: The Federal army marches on ^ Petersburg the ti?ne the

4 Miles

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