Antietam Campaign

(j^ Sept 15-15; Walker's- Confederate division \ occupies Loudoun Heigfits and

completes the cordon..aroundMiles.'s s, division. The. Federals surrender 12,500 ^ troops on tfie l5th;:—


Sept 4-7: McOeHan resumes command of the Federal a/my an of advances cautiously to find Lçe and cover Washington

Sipt 13: McClellan Reaches Frederick and discovers Lee's plafis in;the mislaid \ Confederate Ordef 1911

Sept 14: Federal iind IXCorps capture Turner's Gap fromj D.H. HiB ^nd Longatreevforcingja Confederate retreat

Sept tó Aportion $fMcLaws's Confederates dela^ranklin 'sFedejafti ^or^atCr^pton^T^^mapíbetew,,, right) J;¡

(t2) Sept_15iWithtMimminentf^lof Y^ ffarper's Fern'Lee determines to make a (/^stand along^tietarh-Creek at

/'" The shattered-ruins of Harpe f s Ferty railroad bridge

. (above):, The guks and ..equjfiment cpptuted by the '^Confederates at the Union, surrender were much needed by Tee a condition of






Crack liKtow ra -




Dran es villi

20 Miles

Harper's Ferry

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