'' 2 July 30: Federals explode mine, which ' blows a huge crater m Confederate defenses. Subsequent Federal attacks a failure (see map Lop right)..

July 30: Sheridan's cavalry circles Confederate defenses, butfailm-e of the infantrv attack at the crater causes him 10 halt

A Union mortar position in front of Petersburg. Each mortar would fire a 13-inch spheroid shell once every 30 minutes. To ease the tedium of their work, the gunners often chalked an imaginary Petersburg address on each of the shells

3-21: Federals'begin to wredf>_ railroad near Glob$,Itf\?rrY; but'are forced back by 0irfederate counterattack, although they maintain hold on the railroad

Aug 25: Further attacks Federal II Corps at Rgjj repulsed (see ra.ap/.b&o1

Sep 30-öctl: Grant's f< around Poplar Spnngs Church, forcing Lee to stretch his tines westward to Hatcher's Run (see map bckrw right)

While the Confederate defenders, of Petersburg suffered considerable hardships during the siege, the Union troops enjoyed comparative luxury, their kitchens being well supplied and of a permanent construction (below). Both sides, however, became the victims of inactivity and boredom.


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