(j^) May 23: Federals capture the Telegraph Bridge over the North Anna River f"^') May 23: Federals cross the North Anna at ^^ Jericho Mill and repulse an attack from A. P. Hill's Confederates


Negro Foot

24-26 May: Confederates devise an inverted V-shaped line that keeps the Federal wings separated


May 27: Federals abandon their North Anna lines and side-step Lee's army, crossing the Pamunkey River y jVorvrîvii

Ground Squirrel Bridge,

May 28: Federal cavalry engage Confederate cavalry in a fierce battle at Haws Shop (see map above)

May 29-31: Lee blocks the Federal advance from a position behind Totopotomoy Creek

\d Station

May 30: Confederates attack the Federal lines at Bethesda Church and are repulsed (see map below)

Cash Corner

June 3: Confederates repulse Union frontal assaults from strong fortifications at Cold Harbor, (see map right)

Sitting on the pews of Bethesda Church (below)// Grant's staff take part in a council of war on June 2. Grant can be seen leaning over the shoulder o§ Gen, Meade who has a map stretched across his knees.


Station aho;

The skt disinterred efore the ch taken the kçjr uniforn

nfederates at section on the mder Wade iivision. The and heavy nap (eft).

,3 miles


Throwing up breastworks in the vicinity of Cold Harbor (above). One Confederate reported that his brigade "worked all night with only bayonets, cups, two or three picks, and as many shovels."

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