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20 miles

Company E of the 4th U.S. Colored Infantry. Many of the Union soldiers killed at Poison Spring were wounded men murdered where they lay. One regimental commander reported that of his 182 casualties, 117 were dead.

March 25: Steele leaves Little Rock, marching into southern Arkansas to divert the attention ol local Confederate forces away from Banks's Red River campaign in Louisiana f2'\ April 3: Steele drives off Confederate forces under Brig. Gen. J. S. Marmaduke which had disputed his crossing of the Little Missouri River at Elkins' Ferry

April 15: After feinting towards Washington (the Confederate capital of Arkansas since the occupation of Little Rock by Steele the previous September), Steele occupies Camden without a fight

April 25: Confederate cavalry under Brig. ^^ Gen. J. F. Fagan captures a Federal supply train at Mark's Mills, massacring a number of African American soldiers

April 30: Following Banks's defeat in Louisiana. Steele returns to Little Rock. En-route he defeats a Confederate attack on his reai- guard at Jenkins Fern1

20 miles

While we lay here the long-looked-for and much-talked-of reinforcement of Thayer's command' arrived... A nondescript style of reinforcement it was too, numbering almost every kind of soldier... and accompanied by multitudinous vehicles, of all descriptions, which had been picked up along the roads."

A member of Steele's command upon the arrival of Brig. Gen. J. M. Thayer's Frontier Division.

During their march through the Wilderness the men of Grant's and Lee's armies were reminded of Chancellorsville by the bones of the men who had died during the earlier campaign (left).

g" -, May 6: The Federals crush A.P. Hill) " Confederate line in a massive assault'

May 6: t.ynplnici's Confederate 1 Corps 'w' restore the line after Lee himself tries to lead a counterattack

The Army of the Potomac crossing the Rapidan on the pontoon bridges of Germanna Ford, May 4 {left/. Meade commanded the army, but Gran I accompanied ti on it's advance into the Wilderness.

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